Annual Report 2019/2020

July 2020

This report will be focusing on the 2019 Amandla Omoya Trust activities as Trustees won’t be able to organise the usual Annual Engagement meetings due to Covid-19 regulations. Unfortunately, the target communities will not have an opportunity to meet with the trustees in person and engage the trustees about the activities in their community. It is well known now that Amandla Omoya Trust has been consistently making the annual call for grant proposals since 2016 when the trust was introduced to the communities.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting, planned to be held in Thornhill, had to be cancelled for the current financial year due to Covid-19. Therefore, this report attempts to provide information to all the stakeholders about the interaction of the trust to the communities within the 50 km radius from the Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

The Trust is still in the process of paying off the debt it owes to the Development Bank of South Africa for the share purchase. During the year 2019 the trust made a call for a proposal once again, however it was on a smaller scale. A call for proposal was issued in April 2019 but it could not exceed R500,000 and a total of 7 grant applications from Non-Profit organizations were approved. A total amount of R618 010 was allocated to organizations within the Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp area. The list of organizations that were awarded grants is available on the website together with the amount they received. The rest of the organizations that could qualify for the grant were requested to be put on hold for further allocation at the end of the year 2020.

COVID-19 Intervention
The COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise at the beginning of the year. In the light of that, the Trust has already allocated in its budget a disaster fund of R400,000 that was set-aside for any eventuality that may occur. When it became clear that the pandemic is disastrous in its nature, the Letsatsi Borutho Trust decided to intervene to alleviate the suffering caused by the pandemic. We resolved to:

• Allow organizations that were allocated a grant by the Trust to continue paying the salaries and stipends that were initially allocated.
• Support the organizations that are regarded as essential services to propose budget deviation to accommodate procurement of personal protective equipment as required by regulations.
• Ensure that our Soup Kitchens that were allocated a grant continue to support poor people with food parcels.
• A selection of organised structures in the respective areas (Jeffreys bay, Thornhill, Hankey Patensie and Weston, will receive a voucher amounting to R700 that will complement the COVID-19 relief grant of R350 that government has afforded people in need.

We are aware that both food vouchers could not reach all families in need. Our local partnership with the Department of Social Development was valuable in this regard, as they contributed to some of these areas as well. This programme is a work in progress and will improve through strengthen our partnership with others.

Amandla Omoya Trust Grant Allocation 2016 to 2019