Zukile Tom

Zukile Tom is the first point of contact with community stakeholders on behalf of the Trustees. He plays a key role that includes mananging ‘calls for proposals’ and grant allocations to community stakeholders. He is passionate about the empowerment of people and has been involved in civic society initiatives across a number of campaigns, including race relations with communities.

His experience extends to the development sector, working with grant administration of youth organizations; developing operational systems and capacitating organization in the SADC region on behalf of Southern Africa Trust; facilitating baseline survey evaluation in the Eastern Cape Province to strengthen the capacity of the community-based organization. Zukile worked on the human rights, democracy, and public advocacy work programmes for the Justice and Peace Department of the Southern African Bishops Conference before becoming the Operations manager for the Catholic Welfare and Development. He was also involved in land reform programmes on behalf of communities in the rural sector and it is this experience that has strengthened his ability to engage communities and government sector at much deeper levels.