Improved health outcomes in Kwa-Nomzamo

Community members of Kwa-Nomzamo felt that the care and support of patients and families infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, especially orphans and vulnerable children were being neglected. With no other organizations offering care and support, it was extremely difficult for the clinic in the area to keep up with the influx of patients.

In 2006, Kwa-Nomzamo Home Community Based Care (KHCBC) was established to respond to this need. Since its inception, the number of patients waiting in clinics has decreased as patients were now being taken care of by KHCBC staff in the comfort of their homes.

The high unemployment rate has been a contributing factor to many patients defaulting on their medication which cannot be taken on an empty stomach. With the assistance of the Amandla Omoya Trust, many families have benefitted from meals provided by KHCBC. The organization has changed many lives for the better, restoring people’s dignity.

“The organisation is a pillar of support to our community. When people have problems, they reach out to us now. I can’t thank the Trust enough for supporting us and contributing to the change we see in our community.” Lydia Bam, Project Manager, Kwa-Nomzamo Home Community Based Care