The Amandla Omoya Trust is a Community Trust whose main purpose is to carry out public benefit activities within a 50 kilometre radius of Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm. This Community Trust has an effective ownership of six percent of Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm (RF) (Pty) Ltd.

The Trust provides funding and resources to organisations which are engaged in building resilience and improving social cohesion in the surrounding communities that include, but are not limited to Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, Hankey, Patensie and Thornhill.

Whilst the Trust was formed in 2012, construction of the Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm was completed and commenced with operations in 2014. Following this, Trustees were appointed in 2015.

The purpose of the Amandla Omoya Trust is to strengthen communities to be able to better manage social inequalities, whilst enabling access and funding to programmes that improve the standard and quality of life, of all people, in the targeted communities. The Trust partners with organisations that boost social development and unity as well as assist in the advancement of disadvantaged communities.

The South African government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme, requires a local ownership of 2.5%, making the Amandla Omoya Trust 6% ownership significantly higher than the government’s minimum threshold.